Managed IT services

Our team offers daily and ongoing IT
management to meet your regular
needs at a great price

Managed IT services Managed IT services

IT Projects

We can assist you in identifying,
creating, and delivering on IT
projects from start to finish

IT Projects IT Projects

IT Consulting

We can provide expertise insight and
advice in building an IT infrastructure
that is lean, agile, and powerful

IT Consulting IT Consulting
Managed IT services Managed IT services Managed IT services

Our advantages

Our service is built upon 5 key principles of what we do for you

  • 01

    We listen to the client to understand their needs and goals

  • We are open-minded and reasonable

  • 03

    We seek to provide solutions that are reliable and simple

  • We respect our commitments

  • 05

    We always look to identify areas where we could innovate and enhance your IT

Our advantages Our advantages Our advantages
Contact us to discuss how we can improve your IT
Contact us to discuss how we can improve your IT Contact us to discuss how we can improve your IT

Managed IT services

The Hex Technologies team is delighted to work far and wide within the field of IT daily. But we’re also happy to hold considerable renown in our industry for the specialisation we have in Managed IT services.

We offer all our clients a comprehensive range of services, that ensures we are Australia’s leading specialist provider of all Managed IT needs


We are ready to offer you services including

(but not limited to!)

  • IT Infrastructure

  • IT Security

  • Wired network

  • Wireless

  • Monitoring

  • Backup

Managed IT services Managed IT services Managed IT services

IT Projects

The Hex Technologies team is proud to bring to its daily operations real and proven experience. We know how to manage all our client’s IT needs, from small local businesses all the way to global corporations.

We have the knowledge and expertise to identify requirements of a project, formulate a strategy, and then execute it quickly and decisively.

We pride ourselves on delivering a simple but strong service, that places a premium on offering quality service at an affordable price. That’s why we’re delighted to offer cost-saving solutions too!

Hex Technologies is at the ready to assist your business in

  • Server and Network upgrades

  • Security audit and hardening

  • Virtualization implementation

  • Wireless solutions

  • IT Infrastructure

  • Relocations

IT Projects IT Projects IT Projects IT Projects

IT Consulting

Our team will help you optimise your IT, and provide you cost-saving benefits for your entire business.

From identifying new technologies to deliver better business results, to areas where performance improvement can be pursued, to general IT strategy and planning - if you have a need for an IT consultant you need to call us right now!


						IT Consulting
						IT Consulting


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About us

Hex Technologies is proud to be Australia’s innovative IT company of certified experts. With over 10 years experience in IT, and a huge diversity of experience providing IT services to small business all the way to enterprise clients, we are the premiere provider of trusted IT support.

Our reputation has been grown day by day, providing outstanding services that focuses on client requirements, attention-to-detail, and building in our team the enviable expertise that ensures all businesses who hire Hex Technologies know they’re using true professionals and industry leaders.


We are ready and waiting to talk with you.
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